Friday, April 18, 2008

Sisterly Love!

My labor with MaKayla was exactly 2 hours & 4 minutes from the 1st contraction till MaKayla was born. It was extremely fast-a little scary how fast & PAINFULL it was. They couldn't give me the epidural right away because the guy was busy with another patient :*( The baby's arrival almost beat the epidural's arrival and let's be honest-it only worked at the very end when I actually had her. Interesting how every pregnancy & labor is so different! Here is a picture of MaKenzie meeting "little sister" MaKayla, for the 1st time. This was taken probably about 30 minutes after MaKayla was born. I love this picture-it makes me think they are remembering eachother & happy to be together again...oh sisterly love! :)


Natalie said...

Oh! I just love this picture too! I can't believe that at 30 min old, MaKayla's eyes are wide open, looking at her sister! :o) So sweet!


Triston said...

So cute, there new born picts look like twins. So fun. Is it harder to have two kids now? I am a little scared to have two.