Friday, March 28, 2008

We went to an Easter egg hunt on Saturday & MaKenzie participated in the hunt for her age group 0-3. Mommy was helping her & being somewhat new at this, I didn't realize that basically all the parents race each other to get there kid the most eggs. I just figured you help & let them pick up the eggs because it's more fun for them right? Well, that's apparently wrong. So when the horn sounded & everyone ran, MaKenzie started crying because it was a little scary...She was fine in about 15 seconds as we got on the field & looked for eggs...and I didn't see anything really. I saw one piece of candy that I had her pick up & then I looked around and all the eggs were gone! I was so upset because she only had one piece of candy in her basket & all these other toddlers are walking off the field with like 5-6 eggs each. This is when I realized that the parents were totally getting them the eggs & the hunt was already over less then a minute after the horn sounded! I'm sure MaKenzie didn't even notice she had no eggs....but I did...and being pregnant & hormonal I totally started crying! How embarrassing!!!! I could not help myself! A minute later a woman came up to us & asked if MaKenzie had got any other eggs & told us that she had some for kids who didn't get any. Yay! I was very happy about this because MaKenzie ended up getting some eggs in the end. On Sunday Greg & I took her in the back yard and had our own Easter egg hunt with 25 eggs. MaKenzie loved it! She ran around & filled her basket with eggs! When she woke up Easter morning the Easter bunny had left a trail of candy from her bedroom door to the couch where her basket was filled. When she saw the candy, she immediately started putting each piece in her mouth as she followed the trail...we had to put an end to this because that would have been a lot of candy consumed before she even actually reached her basket! We had a good Easter & hope everyone else did too!

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Triston said...

She is so stinkin cute. Look at all that hair.