Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some Of The Temples We Visited In The Last Year

 Hey let's visit Mt Timp Temple where Mommy and Daddy were married!  Oh so this is as close as it gets.....
 Salt Lake City Temple
 Salt Lake City Temple with Ryan Kaplan on his visit to Utah!
 Boise Idaho Temple
 Sweet little girls and Mommy at Boise Idaho Temple
 Boise Idaho Temple
 The kids really love Moroni...see him way up there?  Boise Idaho Temple.
Daddy and Wylie at Twin Falls Idaho Temple
 See Moroni?   Twin Falls Idaho Temple.
  Twin Falls Idaho Temple
 Los Angeles California Temple
 Las Vegas Nevada Temple
 St. George Utah Temple
Whenever we travel we like to take time to visit Heavenly Father's Temples closest to us.  The kids love to visit the temple.  It reminds us of the primary song-I Love To See The Temple.

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