Saturday, April 18, 2009


KAYLA IS WALKING!!! She just started within this last week. She is taking about 5 steps at a time & usually goes down then gets right back up. The farthest she has gone was all the way accross our living room. The 1st day she started taking more than 1 step at a time she finally started to trust holding Kenzie's hand and walking around the house. Now they're speed walking in circles together! Kenzie is so excited to have her sister almost keeping up with her & Kayla is super excited to be a big girl!!! Kayla is starting to sign more things she wants. Like come here, etc. She is growing into a little toddler! :)

Kenzie is doing great in her dance classes. She loves ballet & tap. They are working on a Mary Poppins tap dance for her tap show. She will have a ballet performance in mid June for there end of year big show. She will also be in the tap show...she may be one of the upfront helpers in the tap show because she is so small compared to the other girls in her tap class!!! I'll have to email out the dates of her shows. They are 2 days in a row mid June. I know the ballet show is a big deal-all age groups participate from 3 yrs to adult. Jaqueline was in it last year & it was beautiful!

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m7n said...

i'm glad kayla is walking, but i wish you would update this blog again...i feel like i'm missing out...especially since i won't be making my annual trip out there this year...tell the hubby i said 'hi' and give the girls hugs & kisses from their aunty mari :o)